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Marijke Rossi

The Rev. Marijke B. Rossi is headed back to Holladay UCC, returning a familiar presence to our pulpit.  Pastor Marijke was called as supply pastor this week by the church’s executive committee. A supply call was authorized by an October 20 Congregational Meeting.
Rev. Marijke will temporarily perform duties of a senior minister until a bridge pastor is called. A search committee made up of council members will begin seeking a bridge pastor promptly. Pastor Marijke has indicated she will be a candidate for the bridge position.
Meanwhile, a second search committee is seeking a settled pastor.
The plan is intended to assure uninterrupted pastoral leadership during our transition.
Pastor Marijke (pronounced muh-ray’-kuh) will begin at HUCC on November 4, one day after the final HUCC sermon by Pastor Fred Evenson, who is moving to a church in Rhode Island.

Carl Adams

“We are both sorry and blessed,” said Interim Moderator Carl Adams“Sorry to lose Pastor Fred but blessed that Pastor Marijke was willing to rearrange her schedule and be with us in our time of need.”

The pastor’s journey

Seminary Training
Pastor Marijke received a master of divinity degree in 2009 from Salt Lake Theological Seminary. She was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 2016 and has full standing as a UCC minister.

HUCC membership
She is acquainted with the people and history of Holladay UCC, where she became a member a decade ago, arriving at the end of her seminary training. She received “in-care” support from the HUCC family and served many areas of church life. These included worship planning, bible study, forum discussions, preaching, funerals and providing pastoral care.

New ways
Like many at HUCC, Pastor Marijke has experienced another religious tradition, in her case Lutheran. To build her knowledge of the United Church of Christ, she attended a class in UCC polity (church operation and governance) at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, Calif. Pastor Marijke also has served as a volunteer chaplain at Primary Children’s Medical Center.

‘Love the welcome’
I honor people in their journey,” the pastor explains in her profile. “I understand that all of us are different and that our journeys take different turns. I am passionate about being with people where they are in life’s journey. I love the welcome we give as a church to all who enter. I am passionate about creating a worship setting that brings people closer to God. I am passionate about being a pastor.”

Previous Pulpit
She was called as interim pastor by First Congregational Church of Salt Lake City in 2015, and then as senior pastor by the same church, serving there until 2019.

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