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As authorized by the October 20 Congregational Meeting, two search committees are seeking candidates for pastoral positions at Holladay UCC.

One committee is seeking a bridge pastor (a temporary pastor who steps in while a congregation is on the path to fill a pastoral vacancy).  

The other committee is seeking a settled pastor (settled ministry that is considered permanent, has no predetermined end date, and is meant to mature in partnership over time between a pastor and a congregation).  Here are brief updates from both committees:

Settled Pastor Search Committee
We are enthusiastically under way updating the church profile. We will be working directly with the Rev. Erin Gilmore, our associate conference minister, as she guides us on the use of the new local church profile template.   We hope to have our draft of the profile complete by the first of the new year and ready for review by the congregation.  If you have questions please reach out to any of us on the committee.

Members are:  Martha Bale, chair; Ruby Hammel, Linda Hilton, Teri Jewell, Trent Parkhill, Steve Schneider, Amy Spratling.

Bridge Pastor Search Committee
The Bridge committee will meet on December 3 to plan next actions. Meanwhile, we are doing necessary homework including consultation with Rocky Mountain Conference leadership.  We are committed to act expeditiously but wisely to ensure consistent senior ministerial leadership. 

Members are: Carl Adams, interim moderator; Dennis Bayes, Leslie Jerominski, Dawn Mangelsen, Laurie McBride, Rori Piggott, Rick Spratling.

In the interim period, the Rev. Marijke Rossi is serving as supply pastor, and is a candidate for bridge pastor. The Rev. Chelsea Page is serving as associate pastor for youth and families, a settled position.

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