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Moderator’s Moment

Category : Transitions

by Jim Bale

Onboarding and Support

With the work of the Search Committee completed, we now enter a time of onboarding and support for Pastor Brent Gundlah. Like all of you, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of Pastor Brent in March 2021. 

To facilitate his onboarding into HUCC, Council has appointed a Support Team that will work with Pastor Brent during his first year, The team members are: Tiffini Adams, Pastoral Relations Committee; Chuck Dillard, Human Resource Committee; Paul Ford and Ruby Osterman, representing the Congregation at-large; Eric Richards, the Worship Team and Music Ministry; Rori Piggott, representing the Holladay Preschool, and Jen and Ruby Foulke, Faith Formation team and Youth. Please join me in thanking the members of the team for their willingness to help Pastor Brent navigate his journey as our new pastor.

Transitions and Boundaries

As part of an intentional approach to transition, Rev. Tracey Dawson, chair of the Rocky Mountain Conference’s Committee on Ministry, will conduct a workshop for HUCC members and friends on January 17, 2021 at 12:30 PM. Rev. Dawson will teach us how to extend an extravagant welcome to Pastor Brent as he joins the HUCC family and how to bid a fond farewell to Pastor Marijke as she leaves after guiding us well as our bridge pastor during the past year. Every ministry has a beginning and an end. Please join me on the 17th as we learn how to say “goodbye” to Pastor Marijke and “hello” to Pastor Brent.


In 2020 HUCC learned how to sustain fellowship creatively and how to continue our caring ministry at an acceptable and safe distance. Who would have imagined one year ago that we could embrace the virtual world so well and become Zoom masters! We can accept these challenges as COVID opportunities and gain strength and comfort from our experiences as we carry the beneficial lessons of 2020 into the coming years. The promise of the COVID-19 vaccine has arrived; when your opportunity to receive the vaccine comes, please get immunized and protect yourself and our community. Doing so will enable us to worship together safely in our sanctuary later this year and embrace 2021 with renewed optimism and exuberance.

In gratitude, Jim

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