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Pastoral Search Update

Category : Transitions

The settled pastor search committee received further training from Rev. Erin Gilmore last week. All details from this point on are confidential except for updates on how the process is proceeding. All candidate profiles are submitted through the Rocky Mountain conference office and then are released to the search committee. There has been a great deal of interest in our HUCC position. The search committee is in the process of reviewing and evaluating pastoral candidate profiles for best fit for HUCC. Please keep us in your prayers as we embark on this important discernment process.

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Progress on Profile

Category : Transitions

The Settled Pastor Search Committee has completed a draft of Holladay UCC’s church profile, and members are being invited to submit questions or comments.  “The profile is a guide for candidates and the search committee to discern the right fit for the next Settled Senior Pastor for HUCC,” committee Chair Martha Bale wrote this week in a letter accompanying the draft.  Members were asked to respond by January 19.  Comments may be addressed to marthajbale@gmail.com.

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Search Recommedns Pastor Marijke as Bridge

Category : Transitions

A Congregational Meeting will be convened on December 29 to vote on calling the Rev. Marijke B. Rossi as bridge pastor at Holladay UCC.
The meeting will be held immediately after morning worship.
The call was recommended by the Bridge Pastor Search Committee after a search process authorized by members at an October 20 Congregational Meeting.
A second search committee is seeking a settled pastor, a process expected to take six months to a year. (see update, below).
The bridge pastor will not be eligible to be a candidate for settled pastor.
Pastor Marijke has been serving as supply pastor since November 4, performing senior minister duties in the vacancy created by departure of Pastor Fred Evenson.
A supply pastor is a clergy member who is not formally installed and serves for a limited time as a congregation’s acting pastor. A bridge pastor customarily serves a longer tenure, stepping in to help a congregation “bridge” the path to filling a pastoral vacancy.
“Pastor Marijke is the right person at the right time,” said Interim Moderator Carl Adams, who chaired the bridge search committee. “We are blessed that she will be able to provide compassionate care and spiritual leadership during our period of transition.” Other committee members, all chosen from council, are Dennis Bayes, Dawn Mangelsen, Laurie McBride, Leslie Jerominski, Rori Piggott and Rick Spratling.

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Update on Settled Pastor Search

Category : Transitions

The search team hopes to post our settled pastor position shortly after the first of the year.  This is when pastors begin looking at opportunities.

We learned of a new profile format midstream in our process.  The new profile template covers the following areas:

  • Who Are We Now?
  • Who Is Our Neighbor?
  • Who Is God Calling Us To Become?
  • Who is God Calling to Minister with Us?

We are working diligently to have a draft of the new church profile ready to review by the congregation the week of January 6. We will need comments back to us within a week.  Our position is able to be posted while we polish up our profile.
If you have any questions or concerns please seek out any member of the team:
Martha Bale, chair; Ruby Hammel, Linda Hilton, Teri Jewell, Trent Parkhill, Steve Schneider and Amy Spratling

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Where Things Stand

Category : Transitions

As authorized by the October 20 Congregational Meeting, two search committees are seeking candidates for pastoral positions at Holladay UCC.

One committee is seeking a bridge pastor (a temporary pastor who steps in while a congregation is on the path to fill a pastoral vacancy).  

The other committee is seeking a settled pastor (settled ministry that is considered permanent, has no predetermined end date, and is meant to mature in partnership over time between a pastor and a congregation).  Here are brief updates from both committees:

Settled Pastor Search Committee
We are enthusiastically under way updating the church profile. We will be working directly with the Rev. Erin Gilmore, our associate conference minister, as she guides us on the use of the new local church profile template.   We hope to have our draft of the profile complete by the first of the new year and ready for review by the congregation.  If you have questions please reach out to any of us on the committee.

Members are:  Martha Bale, chair; Ruby Hammel, Linda Hilton, Teri Jewell, Trent Parkhill, Steve Schneider, Amy Spratling.

Bridge Pastor Search Committee
The Bridge committee will meet on December 3 to plan next actions. Meanwhile, we are doing necessary homework including consultation with Rocky Mountain Conference leadership.  We are committed to act expeditiously but wisely to ensure consistent senior ministerial leadership. 

Members are: Carl Adams, interim moderator; Dennis Bayes, Leslie Jerominski, Dawn Mangelsen, Laurie McBride, Rori Piggott, Rick Spratling.

In the interim period, the Rev. Marijke Rossi is serving as supply pastor, and is a candidate for bridge pastor. The Rev. Chelsea Page is serving as associate pastor for youth and families, a settled position.

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Category : Transitions

Marijke Rossi

The Rev. Marijke B. Rossi is headed back to Holladay UCC, returning a familiar presence to our pulpit.  Pastor Marijke was called as supply pastor this week by the church’s executive committee. A supply call was authorized by an October 20 Congregational Meeting.
Rev. Marijke will temporarily perform duties of a senior minister until a bridge pastor is called. A search committee made up of council members will begin seeking a bridge pastor promptly. Pastor Marijke has indicated she will be a candidate for the bridge position.
Meanwhile, a second search committee is seeking a settled pastor.
The plan is intended to assure uninterrupted pastoral leadership during our transition.
Pastor Marijke (pronounced muh-ray’-kuh) will begin at HUCC on November 4, one day after the final HUCC sermon by Pastor Fred Evenson, who is moving to a church in Rhode Island.

Carl Adams

“We are both sorry and blessed,” said Interim Moderator Carl Adams“Sorry to lose Pastor Fred but blessed that Pastor Marijke was willing to rearrange her schedule and be with us in our time of need.”

The pastor’s journey

Seminary Training
Pastor Marijke received a master of divinity degree in 2009 from Salt Lake Theological Seminary. She was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 2016 and has full standing as a UCC minister.

HUCC membership
She is acquainted with the people and history of Holladay UCC, where she became a member a decade ago, arriving at the end of her seminary training. She received “in-care” support from the HUCC family and served many areas of church life. These included worship planning, bible study, forum discussions, preaching, funerals and providing pastoral care.

New ways
Like many at HUCC, Pastor Marijke has experienced another religious tradition, in her case Lutheran. To build her knowledge of the United Church of Christ, she attended a class in UCC polity (church operation and governance) at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, Calif. Pastor Marijke also has served as a volunteer chaplain at Primary Children’s Medical Center.

‘Love the welcome’
I honor people in their journey,” the pastor explains in her profile. “I understand that all of us are different and that our journeys take different turns. I am passionate about being with people where they are in life’s journey. I love the welcome we give as a church to all who enter. I am passionate about creating a worship setting that brings people closer to God. I am passionate about being a pastor.”

Previous Pulpit
She was called as interim pastor by First Congregational Church of Salt Lake City in 2015, and then as senior pastor by the same church, serving there until 2019.

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On the move: 2 pastor searches

Category : Transitions

From October 25 Tidings

Members decisively approved a plan to provide pastoral leadership at Holladay UCC for the immediate future and years to come.

At a Congregational Meeting, voters passed a set of resolutions proposed by the Church Council.  Fifty-four congregants turned out for the October 20 gathering, including the requisite 25 members to form a quorum.

Taken together, the actions would:

  • Place an ordained, temporary, minister at the church promptly to avert a “pastor gap” as Pastor Fred departs.
  • Set two search committees in motion, one to call a bridge pastor and the other to call a settled pastor.

Sunday’s presentation opened with a timeline.

To accomplish this timetable, Interim Moderator Carl Adams presented a series of motions from Church Council. Here are the motions and votes:

Motion 1

Empower the Executive Committee to contract with an ordained Pastor to fulfill the needs of the church until a Bridge Pastor is called. (Vote: 50 in favor, one against, no abstentions.)

Motion 2

Empower Church Council to appoint 7 of its members to serve as the Search Committee for a Bridge Pastor who would not be a candidate for Settled Pastor.  The 7 members of Council will present their recommendation to the Congregation at a duly called Congregational Meeting. (Vote: unanimous approval.)

Motion 3

Form a Pastoral Search Committee for a Settled Pastor. (Vote: unanimous approval.)

Motion 4

Approve 7 members of Pastoral Search Committee as presented by the Nominating Committee. (Vote: unanimous approval, with stipulation that the search would be for a settled pastor, not an interim.) 

The Settled Pastor Search Committee will be: Steve Schneider, Trent Parkhill, Amy Spratling, Teri Jewell, Ruby Hammel, Martha Bale, Linda Hilton.

Moderator Adams said Council was considering the idea of engaging a qualified counselor to meet with members who feel the need to reconcile emotional fallout from the current transition — or past transitions.  Pastor Fred Evenson is leaving to serve a Rhode Island church.  His final sermon at HUCC will be November 3. No schedule was announced for the counseling sessions, but the concept received a favorable reception.

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An Expeditious Plan

Category : Transitions

Don’t miss Sunday’s vote.

This Sunday will be your chance to fortify spiritual leadership at Holladay UCC during our transition in senior pastors.
At a Congregational Meeting after morning worship (October 20), members will be asked to approve several important steps:

  • Authorize the Executive Committee of the Church Council to engage an ordained pastor to meet the needs of the church until a bridge pastor is called.
  • Empower the council to appoint seven of its members to a search committee that will seek a bridge pastor (an ordained minister who takes care of regular pastoral duties in a congregation while the transition work is performed by others).  A candidate will be submitted for approval at a congregational meeting in the near future, date to be announced. This bridge pastor will not be eligible to be a candidate for settled pastor.
  • Consider a motion from the Spiritual Gifts Team nominating seven church members to act as a search committee for a settled pastor.
The council met this week to lay transition plans as Pastor Fred Evenson departs.

Council members are planning a timely handoff to a seasoned though temporary minister.  The goal is to meet needs of members and provide support for the Rev. Chelsea Page, our associate pastor for youth and families. Thus the temp-to-bridge-to-settled arrangement.  At each step the council is acting in accordance with HUCC bylaws.

As they worked on the plan, council members recalled a signature line from a congregational conversation in late September, when member Trent Parkhill advised the church to “move expeditiously but not carelessly” in its pastor search.

NURSERY NOTE: Children will have the option of a craft to do in the nursery with Michelle while parents are at the meeting.

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Keeping Track

Category : Transitions

From Tidings October 11, 2019

The weeks ahead will be an exceptionally busy period in the life of Holladay UCC, with activities on two tracks — a pastor transition plus the autumn uptick in church programs. Here is a primer to stick on the fridge and help keep track. 

October 13-Discipleship Sunday.

-Stephen Ministry recognition.
October 14-The Rev. Sue Artt, Rocky Mountain Conference minister, meets with congregation, 6 p.m. in sanctuary.  

October 15-Church Council meets, 6:30 p.m., to consider short-term and longer-term plans for pastoral leadership.
October 17-18-Operation Sandwich.
October 20-Congregational meeting to consider council recommendations on bridge pastor and Pastoral Search Committee.
-New Member Sunday.
October 27-Evenson family honored.
November 2-Fall cleanup day, HUCC & Preschool
November 3-Pastor Fred’s final sermon at HUCC.
November 9
November 11
-Pastor Chelsea’s installation, 1 p.m.

-Weekly meditation begins, 7 p.m. (through December 16).

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Pastor Search Draws Near

Category : Transitions

From Tidings October 4, 2019

Pastor Search

‘Expeditious but not careless’

A Congregational Meeting will be convened on October 20 to launch the search for a new pastor at Holladay UCC. Members will be asked to elect a seven-member search committee nominated by the Spiritual Gifts team.  If approved, the committee would begin the process of issuing a church profile and seeking a candidate. The Church Council will consult with the committee on whether the focus will be on an interim pastor or a settled pastor. 

The meeting notice was issued by Interim Moderator Carl Adams last Sunday after an extended conversation attended by more than 50 members. Seated in a circle and urged by Pastor Fred Evenson to listen carefully, the group shared a range of opinions on actions the church should take as Fred departs for a UCC church in Rhode Island. Moderator Adams outlined options for pastoral leadership, both near and long term.  The possibilities included supply pastors, a bridge pastor, a sustaining pastor, an “intentional interim” pastor and, ultimately, a permanent or settled pastor.

Explaining  the process

The group appeared in agreement that HUCC should seek a settled pastor, but opinions varied on how quickly to move.  “Can’t we short-cut this process?” asked one member.  “Take the time that we need — don’t rush,” said another. Another member summed up concisely, saying the church should  “move expeditiously but not carelessly.” Church Council will consider ways to assure pastoral leadership while the search is conducted.   The Rev. Chelsea Page said she will stay in her called position as associate pastor for youth and families, a part-time post, but possibly could extend her work week (with council approval) during the gap between when Fred departs and a bridge or other temporary pastor is in place. 

Want to search?

If you are interested in serving on the search committee, contact Interim Moderator Carl Adams or Spiritual Gifts team leader Carol Copene.

Conference minister to visit

The Rev. Sue Artt, Rocky Mountain Conference minister, will be at HUCC to meet with the congregation in the sanctuary from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, October 14.  She’ll also meet with church leaders and clergy. 

Dates to honor the Evensons

Please join the congregation after worship on October 27 for a potluck lunch to honor Pastor Fred and his family.  The following Sunday, November 3, will be Pastor Fred’s last sermon at HUCC so please attend then to say farewell, godspeed, and express our appreciation for Fred’s many contributions to our community.

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