Welcome to Children’s Ministries at HUCC

Hello Parents!

During the Covid pandemic, our goal is to support you. We warmly welcome all children to attend our faith formation programs!

Our spring calendar is still being built due to Omicron. You can view or download the in-progress calendar below. Please check back for updates.

To express interest in attending or volunteering, please use this form.

Visit our program website for updates, blog and at-home activity playlists:


To visit with Pastor Chelsea, email her to schedule an appointment, or drop by her office hours on Thursdays from 3 to 5 p.m. at Beans and Brews in West Millcreek (3300 S at 800 E). associatepastor@holladayucc.org

Download calendar here.

Pre-Covid Ministry:

Youth and children’s activities are announced through the weekly Tidings newsletter and “The Bell,” a monthly Faith Formation e-newsletter which goes to all Tidings recipients. Check The Bell blog page to see the latest Faith Formation calendar of activities.

We need to know your children’s food allergies! Please fill out a registration form for your family. Thank you!

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Sunday Mornings

Sunday School for grades K-8 is offered every Sunday during worship, beginning with Children’s Chat in the sanctuary. Teachers for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 lead the children to their classrooms in the education wing and bring them back to the sanctuary by the end of the worship service. Childcare for younger ones is also available in the nursery.

At Holladay UCC, we love hearing the “joyful noises” of our young ones present during worship. Children may sit with their families or play in the kids’ area in the front of the sanctuary until Pastor Chelsea calls them to the chancel for a children’s sermon. We also have a play area in the Narthex where the service audio is broadcast, for parents who prefer more quiet for their young ones.

Sunday School

We have a wonderful, spiritually nurturing program planned with our Sunday School curriculum. The younger children use a Godly-Play-inspired children’s worship format called Blessed to Be a Blessing, written by Methodist minister Leanne Hadley. Our older classrooms use the Shine curriculum, produced by the historic peace churches of America, which explore the stories of our faith and how they relate to their lives. This curriculum has a strong focus on Bible stories, spirituality, and social justice. All of our teachers are background-checked and uphold safe supervision practices.

Youth Group

We also offer a fun and social monthly youth group for our middle school students grades 6-8. Please see the Youth Ministries page for more details.

Returning Soon

Music is in Holladay Church’s DNA, and we love having our children sing and read during our worship services. Children’s Choir will be returning in the new year, after our Christmas Eve children’s Christmas pageant.

We have trained “Our Whole Lives” sexuality educators to offer safe, progressive, science-based sexuality education and wholistic personal development to children ages K-1 and 4-6. These classes will be offered again in 2021.

Beyond Our Walls

Service to others is Holladay UCC’s mission, and children are invited to frequent intergenerational service and mission opportunities throughout the year. We also sponsor our UCC denomination’s local children’s spirituality summer camp at La Foret in Southern Colorado.

Contact Pastor Chelsea at associatepastor@holladayucc.org.