Revised, Reaffirmed and Adopted May 2007

We, as members and friends of the Holladay United Church of Christ (HUCC), Holladay, Utah, and the greater Earth community in which God is ever present, in response to God’s love for us, covenant to love and care for all of Creation.

We, as individuals and as a community of faith, will practice humility and take action in our stewardship of all the Earth and her social and ecological systems. We will actively work toward harmonious relationships among and reverence for all living beings of the universal ecosystem. We will strive to raise awareness to help manage human population growth, so that all humans can live above a minimally acceptable comfort level within the limits of resources on our finite planet. We will strive to live within the limits of our renewable resources so that there is potable water, adequate food, and reasonable shelter for all.

We will actively work to become independent from non-renewable resources and from the culture of unlimited consumption. We will pay special attention to climate change, recognizing it is predominately human caused and that scientists are the prophets of our quickly nearing future. We recognize the already present consequences of human impact and pledge to do all we can to reverse the climate change at hand.

We will, guided by the Holy Spirit and to the best of our capacity, follow Jesus’ lead to responsibly care for and love all of Creation. We see this in Jesus’ second greatest commandment, to ‘love our neighbors as ourselves.’  Our neighbors include all humans, and the furred, feathered, and finned creatures, as well as all other animals and plants, extending to the far corners of the world and onward in the universe.


To commit our faith into action, we the people of HUCC covenant to be a model community incorporating reverence and justice for the environment and all living beings in all of our activities, and to personally change our lifestyles to reduce our individual and collective impacts on planet Earth and beyond.

Revised, Reaffirmed and Adopted: _______


Education: We strive to develop and implement a strong educational program to inform our selves, friends and families about the wise management of human activities on a finite planet.   We strive to provide guidelines for living to create a sustainable future with goals of slowing the increase of population and reducing per capita consumption of limited Earth resources.  We will provide education about the spiritual basis for our engagement and realistic suggestions for adopting practices to reduce our ecological footprint (i.e., the sum of areas on the planet required to support our personal and communal consumption of natural resources). We will also disseminate information about the ongoing efforts of our church community to live in closer harmony with and to protect the viability of the Earth and her systems.

Function and Management: We pledge to manage the resources required to operate our church and homes with the intention of minimizing waste, reducing energy use, and striving to responsibly use the physical plant of the church. We commit to conduct biannual environmental audits of our church buildings and grounds to measure the effectiveness and efficiencies of our actions and then to correct any shortcomings as soon as fiscally and responsibly feasible.

Mission and Outreach: We pledge to make the integrity of the environment a key criterion in all decisions to expend money and talent in the larger community and our mission efforts. Particular emphasis is placed on reversing climate change.

Worship: We pledge to elevate our faith relationship with the Earth through word as well as creative musical and visual expression in worship, affirming the joy of and reverence for life and our responsibility to love and care for all of God’s Creation. We pledge to do this more often than just Earth Day Sunday, but also a minimum of three other service days throughout each year reflecting each of the seasons.


The Holladay UCC Whole Earth Eco-Friends group is to act as a resource and central body to encourage Church members and friends to engage in broad, faith-based Whole Earth activism and action. This group will act as a stimulus for activities for the greater community across and among each of the above areas.

  • The above has been adapted from the Whole-Earth Covenant of the First Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ, Boulder, Colorado. We acknowledge and thank them for consenting to our adaptation of their Covenant, which was adopted in 2002, for our purposes.

2021 Draft Covenant Affirming Holladay United Church of Christ as A Creation Justice Church

Holladay United Church of Christ covenants to embody God’s extravagant love through our care for God’s Creation while seeking justice for the oppressed and vulnerable, and striving for healing and transformational relationships among ourselves, all people, and the planet.

In fulfillment of this covenant, Holladay United Church of Christ commits ourselves, individually and collectively, and commissions the HUCC Creation Justice Team to:

● Explore, recommend to church leadership, and support sustainable improvements in the
facilities and operation of our church, as we seek to set a positive example for others;
● Educate, inform, and inspire church members, friends, and the community to adopt
sustainable practices where possible at home and in our personal lives;
● Advocate for a healthy environment and a safe climate, seeking solidarity with those on
the front lines of harm, and with compassion for all who feel vulnerable; and
● Endeavor to build a social movement based on “transforming lives through love,” and
with a spirit of civility toward all.

We will, guided by the Holy Spirit and to the best of our capacity, follow Jesus’ lead to
responsibly care for and love all of God’s Creation. Jesus’ second greatest commandment was
to ‘love our neighbors as ourselves.’ Our neighbors include all humans, and the furred,
feathered, and finned creatures, as well as all other life, extending to the far corners of the

This covenant was initially established and congregation approved in May 2007 and is in the process of being revised in mid-2021.